The Crew

Everyone involved in making the show happen..but T-Bone and Maria…they were absent that day.
L to R – Rob, Jeff, Jessica, Jen and Joel

Rob sipping on some hot cocoa.

Joel playing with a paper clip…he has a thing for paper clips…weird.

Jeff doing his thing…keeping the boys on track…oh…and…he’s Rob and Joel’s bodyguard…so don’t even think about it !!!

Jessica has the giggles…must be the spiked hot cocoa. Jessica watches incoming chats and cracks jokes here and there.

Jen is a little giggly too…Jen fixes Joel’s pants when they blow out from all the high leg kicks.

Ol’ T-Bone hard at work…mixing the band, running the sound effects and monitoring the chats.

Maria…she’s the one in the middle…Lol…Maria is a huge part of the show. Maria runs,¬†an informative, up-to-date and FUN online community that we are proud to be a part of. Maria helps with a lot of the marketing of the show.